Fastners Free

Fastening & Grounding clip for framed modules and steel structures provide fast and simple assembly reducing the overall cost. eSV supplies Screwless & Tool free Fastening Solution for Solar from ARaymond. ARaymond clips snap easily into place with no screws or tools, so you don’t need an electric power supply at the job site. They are designed to provide High-performance anti-theft fastening and grounding clip for framed PV modules and steel structures and to withstand the rigors of outdoor use and keep costly on-site maintenance down.

ARaymond's powAR cinch for trackers and ground mount solar panels, PowAR snap for rooftop and floating solar panels, PowAR slot for ground mount solar panels are suppled by eSV.

solar_img Cable Routing Clip
solar_img Powar Cinch
solar_img Powar Slot
solar_img Powar Snap S
solar_img Grounding Clip
solar_img Roof Mounting Kit

Here are the overall instructions (Guide) to install the Fastners.

ARaymond Energies designs and manufactures PV solar fastening, grounding, and assembly hardware that performs two functions: fastening and grounding. ARaymond clips provide fast and simple assembly for solar panels. Moreover, when combined with clamps, they allow frameless panel fastening.

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