Power cords are a means of supplying electrical energy from a power source to electrical equipment or appliances. Every power cord has a set, which includes a plug, socket, and cord. Since countries use different voltages and frequencies in their AC power, cords must fit those standards to perform correctly. The terms power cable, mains lead, line cord are also used instead of Power cords. eSV power cords are manufactured in the state of art manufacturing facility in Chennai in a controlled environment for exceptional reliability and safety.eSV manufactures high quality, durable power cords of various types. They are used with various applications like electrical power tools, lighting, Stabilizers, Water Heaters, Washing Machines, Wet Grinders etc. Plugs are molded onto a choice of round or flat UL/ISI approved cable and available in customer specified lengths.

eSV manufactures the following power cords

Indian Power Cords
Others Power Cords
Australian Powercord Australian Powercord
Indian Power Cord 1 Indian Power Cord
Indian Powercord 2Pin Indian Powercord 2Pin
Jumper Cord Jumper Cord
Schuko Powercord Right Schuko Powercord
UK Powercord UK Powercord
US Powercord 1 US Powercord

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